SumiShield 50WG

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Guide to Successful Spraying

The need for a new Mode of Action Ingredient for IRS

There is a long history of using Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) for malaria control and it has proved very effective in many countries; however the usefulness of IRS is under threat due to increasing resistance to all 4 classes of insecticides and the many products containing them.

There has long been a need for a new mode of action (MoA) product and nothing has been introduced for more than 40 years resulting in the continued use of old active ingredients like DDT which presents many risks to the environment.

Insecticide resistance is increasing in many parts of the world so there is a great need for an insecticide with a new MoA and one that can be used in resistance management and rotational programmes.

Product Information

SumiShield 50WG Indoor Residual Spray is the first vector control product listed by WHO under the new Prequalification (PQ) system and contains the first WHO PQ listed new mode of action chemistry for IRS in over 40 years. With resistance to pyrethroids so widespread in Africa, Sumitomo Chemical deliberately chose a single active ingredient product so that true insecticide rotational strategies could be employed.

SumiShield 50WG is odourless, has low toxicity, readily dilutes in water, and is easy to transport. New mode of action makes it a breakthrough for resistance management programmes.

How To Use SumiShield 50WG

SumiShield 50WG has been developed for Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) and can be sprayed on the inside of houses and residences on walls and other surfaces that serve as resting places for mosquitoes.

SumiShield 50WG is formulated as a free flowing water dispersible granule in a sachet making it very easy to use.

PDF Downloads

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Global Plan for Insecticide Resistance Management in Malaria Vectors (GPIRM) Leaflet English Click here to access the GPIRM document via the WHO website
Technical Brochure English Download PDF
Brochure Technique Français Download PDF
Folheto Técnico Português Download PDF
Folleto Técnico Español Download PDF
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