Malaria gets Bush focus in Tanzania
Chicago Tribune
February 19, 2008

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President Bush was swept up in an outpouring of affection Monday in Tanzania’s rural north, where tens of thousands lined the road to see him. One woman burst into a dance of joy from a hug, and Maasai warriors leaped and chanted in his honor.

Midway through a trek through five African nations that have benefited from U.S. aid, Bush spent the day near Mt. Kilimanjaro, highlighting the strides being made with his malaria program.

During stops at a rural health complex and on a factory floor, Bush showcased benefits of the U.S.-led fight against the mosquito-borne disease that kills a million children each year in impoverished tropical countries.

The president launched a 5-year, $1.2 billion plan in 2005 to cut malaria deaths in half in the hardest-hit countries.


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