Sumitomo Chemical announces development of SumiLarv® 2 MR

Sumitomo Chemical announces development of SumiLarv® 2 MR, a novel and long lasting larvicide to control container breeding mosquitoes that transmit dengue, chikungunya and other mosquito borne diseases.

Sumitomo Chemical is pleased to announce the development and recent submission to the World Health Organization Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES) of SumiLarv® 2 MR, a novel, long lasting “Matrix Release” larvicide formulation that has been specifically designed for container breeding mosquitoes and is based on the insect growth regulator Pyriproxyfen.

Extensive trials have confirmed the prolonged efficacy of SumiLarv® 2 MR against both resistant and susceptible container breeding mosquitoes under both laboratory and field conditions. Data confirms that Sumilarv® 2 MR, which is formulated as a small resin disc using Olyset® controlled release technology,  is very cost effective and can continue to remain effective for over 6 months, thereby significantly reducing operational costs when compared to conventional larvicide products. As Pyriproxyfen has a different mode of action chemistry from many of the currently available control tools, SumiLarv® 2 MR is also ideally suited for use in resistance management strategies and can therefore help preserve the effectiveness of other insecticidal interventions.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) considers that the treatment of water containers is a key element in the strategy to control dengue. The active ingredient pyriproxyfen is already approved by WHO/JMPR for use in potable (drinking) water which is essential to the success of any dengue larviciding control programme.

It is therefore anticipated that SumiLarv® 2 MR will help combat the growing threat of disease transmission presented by container breeding  mosquitoes and will complement the other vector control tools in the Sumitomo Chemical range, that include Olyset® Net, Olyset® Plus, SumilLarv 0.5G, SumiPro® and the IRS product that is currently undergoing WHOPES evaluation.

“Sumitomo Chemical are proud to be at the forefront in the development of innovative vector control products such as SumiLarv® 2 MR. We are convinced that SumiLarv® 2 MR will have a significant impact on reducing the transmission of mosquito  borne diseases such as dengue, especially in urban environments, and in so doing will help improve people’s lives,” said Ray Nishimoto, Managing Executive Officer, Health and Crop Sciences Sector, Sumitomo.

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