A study published in the world famous medical journal: The Lancet, shows the superior effectiveness of Olyset® Plus, a long-lasting net containing permethrin synergised with piperonyl butoxide (PBO) in an area of high pyrethroid resistance in Tanzania compared with using a permethrin only net (Olyset Net).  Net treatments were tested on their own and in combination with an Actellic® CS Indoor Residual Spray intervention (IRS).

Key points:

  • Malaria infection prevalence after 9 months was lower in the groups that received Olyset Plus than in the groups that received Olyset Net: (531 [29%] of 1852 children vs 767 [42%] of 1809);
  • Olyset Plus effects were sustained after 21 months with a lower malaria prevalence than Olyset Net: (865 [45%] of 1930 children vs 1255 [62%] of 2034);
  • The data shows that combining Actellic CS IRS and Olyset Plus provided no additional benefit compared with Olyset Plus alone or Actellic CS + Olyset Net.

This data is the first epidemiological trial to clearly demonstrate the benefits of using PBO/pyrethroid nets in areas where mosquitoes are resistant. This data has been reviewed by WHO and has resulted in Olyset Plus being designated as a “First in Class” PBO bed net.

These results will be very helpful in guiding donor and country procurement decisions.

Note: These results only apply to Olyset Plus as other PBO nets differ in design and content and, as yet, do not have epidemiological data.

Therefore, wherever resistance to standard pyrethroid nets is encountered the alternative use of Olyset Plus nets should be seriously considered to control resistant mosquitoes and reduce malaria.

To access the full study in The Lancet, click here.

® Olyset is a registered trademark of Sumitomo Chemical Company Ltd.

® Actellic is a registered trademark of the Syngenta Group companies