Olyset® Plus – Well Received by RBM Partners

Sumitomo Chemical has followed up the July 2012 launch of ‘Olyset® Plus’ – the next generation Olyset long lasting net, developed in direct response to the spread of pyrethroid resistance – with detailed presentations to delegates attending the annual meetings of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership’s (RBM) West and East African networks (WARN/EARN).

SCC’s John Invest presenting ‘Olyset Plus’ at WARN’s annual meeting in Praia, Cape Verde

The presentations focused on the rationale for ‘Olyset Plus’, the technology behind it, and its innovative properties, specifically the unique feature of incorporating PBO (piperonyl butoxide) into every fibre of the net. PBO is a synergist which has the proven ability to enhance the performance of pyrethroid insecticide against resistant mosquito strains.

Pyrethroid resistance is increasing, particularly in sub-Saharan West Africa, and delegates at the RBM meetings – including National Malaria Control Program Managers and major private and public sector employers – were impressed with Sumitomo Chemical’s response to this growing and real threat to malaria prevention. The introduction of Olyset Plus has also been welcomed by a number of UN agencies and NGOs, some of whom have first hand experience of growing insecticide resistance.

Delegates attending SCC’s presentation of ‘Olyset Plus’ at WARN’s annual meeting in Praia, Cape Verde

Dr Samuel Juana Smith, Programme Manager for Sierra Leone’s National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) said: “The Olyset Plus durable long-lasting mosquito net is indeed a vital public health achievement and an important tool in the fight against malaria. This achievement will undoubtedly enhance our effort in combatting the threat of emerging insecticide resistance and more lives will be saved in endemic countries.”

Dr Patrice Combary, Programme Manager for Bukina Faso’s NMCP, added: “The New Olyset Plus net will enable us to address resistance issues much more effectively. This is crucial in the West African region, particularly in Burkina Faso.”

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