Olyset Net is proud to protect the rangers who protect the Tigers in Arunachal Pradesh, far North-Eastern India. The Divisional Forest Officer of Pakke Tiger Reserve sent us this dispatch:

“Sumitomo Chemical donated 150 Olyset Nets to the frontline Forest Guards who do anti-poaching work in the interior of the reserve.

Last summer during the monsoon season, out of 125 guards, 109 got malaria.

This year, due to our intervention, out of 125 only 3 guards got malaria. The Olyset Nets are used in anti-poaching camps in the interior of the rainforest.

“I assure you that the staff has been known to do their on-ground patrolling duty sincerely and will continue to do so. Your support will surely inspire them to perform better in park management.”

For more information on Tiger conservation efforts in India, please visit Tiger Watch.

Photos (c) Kedar Bhide 2010