In laboratory tests conducted at Sumitomo Chemical’s Takarazuka facility in Japan, the new mode of action indoor residual spray (IRS) product SumiShield® 50 WG achieved long lasting biological performance against both susceptible and insecticide resistant malaria transmitting mosquitoes, on a range of typical surfaces such as wood, cement and mud.

High levels of biological activity were observed for at least 6 months post spraying, meaning that in many parts of Africa only one application of product would be required a year, resulting in significant operational savings when compared with many of the IRS products currently available on the market.

For the last 40 years there have only been 4 classes insecticides available for IRS. Worryingly, confirmed resistance in malaria vectors has been widely reported against all insecticide classes and for some classes the resistance is both high level and widespread*. As SumiShield 50 WG has a novel mode of action it will provide protection from malaria in areas where other products are now failing.

Sumitomo Chemical’s Senior Managing Executive Officer Ray Nishimoto said “Sumitomo Chemical is proud to be at the forefront of innovation, tackling dynamic and growing issues such as insecticide resistance and to be working closely with our industry partners helping to bring the ultimate aim of malaria elimination a step closer.”

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*See PMI insecticide susceptibility summary April 2015

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