First field study of its kind to show Olyset Plus efficacy against sand fly-borne disease

A village-based field study has demonstrated the effectiveness of Olyset Plus, a second generation long lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) from Sumitomo Chemical, against cutaneous leishmaniasis, a skin infection transmitted by the phlebotomine sand fly.

Cutaneous leishmaniasis affects between 0.7 and 1.3 million people worldwide annually, mainly across the Americas, the Mediterranean basin, the Middle East and Central Asia. Causing skin lesions on exposed parts of the body, the disease can leave life-long scars and cause serious disability.

This new study, involving eight villages in the Cukurova Plain in Turkey, showed a significant reduction in cutaneous leishmaniasis incidence in the villages using Olyset Plus, from 4.78% to 0.37%, an overall case reduction of 92.2%. In line with Olyset Plus’ proven three year insecticidal activity in the field, net evaluation showed that nets retained full insecticidal strength after six and 12 months of usage.

Read more about the results of the study, led by Filiz Gunay, here.